Thursday, August 12, 2010

Halo's life

My classmate...Always happy =)

The day we going Feeling's Cafe =)


When I'm recording 断点-张敬轩
Recording room~

Our life =)

Johann teacher--- who teach compose..

Yee ling teacher -- who teach body language
Serene teacher ( From taiwan )---who teach us to talk clearly~

David Koon teacher--- Count as principle..Most respect =)

This is i singing at Feeling's Cafe....
At Halo..
Too many happiness and i lik it very much..
teachers,friend all very nice...

Next week Halo exam..
must try my best to qualify into another round....

1news--- Shino is back to Blogger~~~

around 2 month din blogging edi...

How r u all?
hope u all are in a healthy life...=)

picha above are take by Joey..(Halo's frenz)..and her bf..
Thanks to them....

I really lik these photo...

all those photo post into 1News website d...
i lov it much....=)
juz so sad y i din make more post =.=
cuz looks lik all same...

but nvm
important is SHINO IS BACK TO BLOGGER...~~

Next post wil mention about halo's life =)

Stay tuned ^^